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Heron Weidner

As a young teenager I was a babysitter for an American Airlines + Marine Corps Reserve pilot. He invited me to a military Change of Command ceremony where he showed me an F-18 with his name on it. I knew at that point (before high school!) what I was going to do. Fast forward 25+ years, my two most favorite jobs in life so far have been as an aircraft refueler at the local FBO where I grew up in Texas, and flying the F-15E Strike Eagle as a Weapons Systems Officer for 12 years in the USAF. In 2017 I ‘hung-up’ my Air Force g-suit & helmet, getting my airtime now in a 1969 C172K at KJGG, but still living the fast-jet life alongside my husband, an F-22 pilot for the VA Air National Guard. There are so many pathways to so many different aviation careers, and organizations like the Williamsburg Aviation Scholarship Program or the 99s International Organization for Women Pilots are great examples of vital organizations that keep communities informed and ensure the flying dream stays alive (and affordable!), for all ages. I’m truly thrilled to be part of these groups!  

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