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Gerald Runyan

Gerald (aka “Gerry”) took an introductory flying lesson in his junior year of college….45 years later he finally got his private pilot’s license. He began flying after he retired from two careers: first in banking/finance (30 yrs) and then in commercial property management (14yrs). Gerry was never able to follow up with further instruction after his intro flight - for the same reasons WASP is trying to eliminate for our high school students.

Missing out on many years of flying opportunities, Gerry knew of the difficulties - money, studies, family, career, life, that get in the way of flying. He hopes that his involvement in WASP will help alleviate some of these obstacles for our local high school students and that they will choose aviation careers. Earning their private pilot license before graduating from high school certainly gives them a big head start in pursuing aviation careers. Plus, they are all great kids & fun to get to know. Gerry lives in Newport News with his wife, Bette. He has three children and four grandchildren.

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