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tuck mcatee

With over 4,000 hours flying time in six different USAF fighters, Tuck flew 265 combat missions in Vietnam receiving 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses and 12 Air Medals. A graduate and instructor at the USAF Test Pilot School, Tuck was one of 5 test pilots that performed developmental tests in the early stages of the F-16 program. Tuck is a graduate and Instructed at the USAF Fighter Weapon School where he served as the Chief of Academics and Deputy Commandant of the School. After retiring from the Air Force, Tuck worked for 17 years at the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Division in Fort Worth, Texas as the engineering manager for F-16 upgrades and, later, a vice president for International F-16 Programs. The proud owner of a Swearingen SX300, Tuck has logged over 2,400 hours in a variety of general aviation aircraft. He received is private pilot license on his 17th birthday and has continued to fly for the last 61 years. Tuck knows how important it is start early to make flying a career. He helped to create WASP so community high school students could get a shot at a dream career in aviation. He served as the President for three years and now acts as a board member and special advisor to WASP.

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