1. Where is the Flight School?

Williamsburg Airport, off route 199 and near the winery. It’s located at 104 Marclay Rd. in the single stand-alone hangar to the left of the Fixed Base Operator where Charley’s Restaurant is. All flight training is through the Williamsburg Flight Center and the aviation scholarship program provides funding for the flight training.


2. What is it like attending Flight School?

There is generally one classroom session per week that is started in the summer time. After a few classroom lectures, you will start to actually fly with an instructor. To get the most out of the course, we recommend that you schedule yourself 3x a week in the summer with the goal of actually flying 2x per week. Weather, airplane availability, instructor availability, and your schedule will dictate how much you can actually fly. During the school year, we understand that you will not be able to fly as much because of other activities and school work.


3. What's the commitment?

Your time!


4. Who's a good candidate?

Anyone who is enthusiastic about flying and aviation.


5. Is there a minimum age requirement?

You must be 17 to get your private pilot’s license, so we can only accept applicants that are 16 as of the application date.


6. What's the application process and deadline?

You need to get or download an application form from your school guidance counselor, from the Williamsburg/Jamestown airport, or from the website.  This year's deadline was May 27, 2019. Applications should reopen next spring.


7. What's the selection process?

The board of the Williamsburg Aviation Scholarship Program will evaluate the applications and will choose a number of applicants to interview. Once all of the interviews have occurred, the board will select candidates for the next class.


8. How long does it take to earn the license?

The whole process takes about 1 year with fifty hours spent flying.


9. Can I get my pilot's license if I don't have a driver's license?



10. Can't I just get my pilot's license in college?  How is this course helping me get a jumpstart on my career?

You can get a pilot's license at any time. Our program gets you involved in aviation via learning to fly. This can lead to many career paths, such as air traffic control, Aeronautical Engineering, Business Management, Aviation Maintenance, Aviation Logistics, Aviation Management, Avionics and Computer application development, Flight Training, Private and Business Flying, Corporate Flying, Airline Transport Pilot, Military Aviation, Government-related jobs with the Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, National Transportation and Safety Board, and a host of related jobs.


11. What geographic areas of the Tidewater will be considered for selection?

We accept applications from the Tidewater area if the student is willing to commit to driving to the Williamsburg Airport.