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Raising Money for Charity Through Flight Simulation

Cheer on our WFVA team during the annual WorldFlight event, November 5-12, 2022.

Established in 2013, Worldflight Team USA is Officially a member of the Worldflight Group. A seven day marathon virtual flying event raising money for charity. Featuring 45 legs and over 35,000 Miles 24 hours a day in real time.

Virginia's WorldFlight Team simulator is in Williamsburg, VA. Truly a testament to the passion aviation inspires, the simulator was built by a local aviator who is engaged with aviation and what it takes to fly planes. The simulator models in detail the full-scale cockpit of a Boeing 737-800NG aircraft, and the cockpit shell is home built and fully enclosed. 

Support your local WorldFlight Team by donating to 
Follow the Team's progress here.

Thank you for your support

Minich and Thomas
Simulator Cockpit
Thomas and McSwain
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