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Brian Buck

I’ve always had an interest in aviation. Whenever my family and I would take trips, my favorite part was waking up early to go to the airport. The first time I considered becoming a pilot was when I purchased a flight simulator for the computer. I would spend countless hours virtually flying everything from fighter jets to commercial airlines. My parents saw my interest in flying and encouraged me to take lessons at the Williamsburg Flight Center. As soon as the Cessna 172 lifted off the runway on my discovery flight, I knew that I needed to become a pilot. I was first introduced to the WASP program by a friend. I wasn’t aware of what an incredible program was is until I applied. Not only does the scholarship provide the resources for high schoolers to get their pilot's license, but it offers a way for students to meet experienced pilots who offer their aviation knowledge and experience. I am so grateful to have received the WASP Scholarship because it has exposed me to so many wonderful aviators.

Their stories and experience has helped me grow as a pilot which has only strengthened my love for flying. There are so many incredible people who make the WASP scholarship possible and being able to interact and learn from them has been the best part about the program. The WASP Scholarship has also allowed me to meet other high schoolers who are as interested as I am in aviation. Being able to meet other aviators who are my age has helped me realize that there are other people out there who are also interested in aviation. Overall, I am thankful to the WASP scholarship for allowing me to grow my love for aviation through flying and meeting the wonderful pilots that make aviation incredible.