The Williamsburg Aviation Scholarship Program seeks out candidates who will thrive in an environment that pursues excellence in both academics and flying.  Beginning with a competitive selection process, high school teachers and counselors play a key role in picking the candidates.  The criteria are based on grades, extra-curricular activities, recommendations, and a demonstrated enthusiasm for flying.


Only applicants who are Virginia residents and attending high school in the Tidewater area will be considered.


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Two recommendations are required from two non-family members (teachers, counselors, and coaches, for example.) These recommendations must be created separately from this website application and emailed to WASP2014@COX.NET. The recommendations must be no more than 500 words each, detailing why the candidate is the right person for this scholarship and why he/she will be successful in the program. Please also include information on the candidate's demonstrated desire to pursue a career in aviation. In the subject line of the email, please include the student's name followed by the word "recommendation."
Please relay in approximately 500 words what this scholarship will mean to you. How will it influence the pursuit of your goals?